Friday, May 8, 2009


I had my eye on this book when it was first released. Summer is my season. I live for it each year. I spend the winter in complete hibernation, decked out in old sweatshirts & jeans, waiting for the leaves to turn green, the neighborhood pool to be filled to the brim & the humidity in Arkansas to reach unbelievable levels! I love not having to get up & get the kids out the door. I love for them to be able to play in the neighborhood late in the evening. I love an impromptu firefly hunt with no rush to get to bed by 8:00. I love our day trips to Albert Pike Recreation Area to play in the river and grill hot dogs. And I LIVE for our annual beach vacation. Summer is nothing but good for me. And this book embraces it wholeheartedly. Author Suzanne Brown has done a great job of capturing it in all it's essence. The subtitle, "A User's Guide", could not be more perfect. Filled with gorgeous photos that are an inspiration in & of themselves, the book includes such things as:

* a great recipe for key lime pie
* ideas for planning an awesome 4th of July
* how to grow a herb garden
* how to hang a hammock
* how to make a tire swing
* how to lure butterflies to your yard
* how to use a skim board & ride a boogie board
* how to fly a kite
* how to skip stones
* how to run a lemonade stand
* how to whistle on a blade of grass
* how to identify stars & constellations
* history & information on summer staples, such as beach cruisers, margaritas, the bikini, the
Adirondack chair, flip-flops, etc.

I plan to try several of the ideas & hopefully I will remember to post them as I do. If you enjoy summer, this is a must-read for you. If you don't enjoy summer, maybe it's what you need to change your mind....

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