Monday, March 28, 2011

I Can Liven Up Any Sleepover....

( I was mistaken. This octopus cake was from the 6th birthday. But I can't find photos from the 8th, which was also a pool party/sleepover. Don't think I didn't think about just changing that 6 to an 8 in Photoshop, 'cause I did. Also, never elect me to public office. But I really did make this myself. KICK ASS, no?)

When our daughter, Ryder, turned 8, she was so excited to have a BIG sleepover with oh, 8-10 girls. And I was excited because 8 seems like such a big milestone. I mean, it's not double-digit territory like 10, but it's when a child really starts to seem like a "big kid", if you know what I mean. They start to lose their innocence somewhat, become a little more worldly, pick up on stuff they didn't pick up on before (be prepared to explain what it means to be gay, whether there really is a Santa, & just cut the crap about how he/she got here - just sayin') & they start to refuse anything you offer them to wear. I could go on and on. But your sweet, little innocent baby is GONE. Especially after I get her in my clutches for a night.

Ryder's birthday is in the summer and I love that because being a December child, I know how awesome it is to be able to celebrate at the pool & stay outside late in the evening, catching fireflies, at least in the South. I never got to DO that for my birthday but I was fully aware that it was much more awesome than staying inside at the skating rink in 25 degree weather, slow-skating to The Climax Blues Band. We rented the pool, designed an awesome octopus cake which I baked & decorated MYSELF ('fistbump') & while strolling through the $1 bins at Target one day, I found the PERFECT party favor. PERFECT. I mean really, for an 8 year old birthday sleepover, is there anything better than little Magic 8 Balls? Really?? Too good to be true. I had visions of them sitting up late painting their nails & telling their futures with the Magic 8 Balls. I mean, it couldn't be any sweeter if Mary Kate & Ashley had come over to join the party. And had Mary Kate & Ashley known what was about to transpire, they might have crashed the party.

Chuck & I were doing something in the kitchen, if I remember right, likely feeding the boys or getting things wrapped up to start their bedtime. We were all home from the pool, pizza had been devoured & the girls settled in for a little fun. In a little while a few of them, including Ryder, came to the kitchen & said, "We need some drinks." I remember saying something like, "Sure. Didn't you just have some?" And they said, "Yes, but we need them to play a game." After inquiring what exactly they were going to play with these drinks, one of them offered up their 8-ball innocently & said, "We don't really understand it, but I guess these are actually games." Chuck knew. It hit him like a magnet to a fridge. He gave me the "HOW COULD YOU NOT READ THEM FIRST?" look. And I gave him my "WHY IN THE HELL WOULD I HAVE READ AN 8-BALL?" look. They tell futures, EINSTEIN!

Not these. Apparently. These, O Dear Readers, are drinking games. What fun! How cute! IF YOU'RE 25!

Tell the person to your left to take two drinks.
Wink at someone and they have to drink.
Pass your drink to another person.
Tell something about yourself that's secret, or take a drink.
Drink or dare.
Aaah, the list goes on. I forget them all. And some I just made up.

Yes, I have given 10 little girls party favors that should they keep them in a safe place, will be sooo much fun in college. So, back to the story. They are beyond thrilled. "This is going to be so fun!" "Let's get Mountain Dew and Coke and Sprite!" "I can't wait to show my mom & play with my brother!" (Insert photo of Noelle's eyeballs the size of half-dollars.) THE PARENTS. What to do? What to do? Looking directly at Chuck, I say, "What do I do? They love them! I can't take them or they'll all tell their parents I took away their cool party favors. And the parents will say, 'What were they?' I have to tell them. They're all cool parents, right?" Chuck is always so helpful & reassuring. "Well, yeah, except for _______'s mother." Well, guess what? She's just gonna have to deal. OR drink, as the case may be.

So, that's the mess I got myself into. And this is how I got out of it. I gave them Mountain Dew, Coke and Sprite and sent them to their room to play non-alcoholic drinking games. I've often wondered if any of them ever wondered what the point of the game was because without alcohol and drunken cohorts, there really is no point. But they had fun. I made 10 phone calls that went exceedingly well. Ok, 9. One of them....THAT one, said she would just immediately take it from her when she got home. Good. Better you be the bitch than me.

As for me, I've learned my lesson. Pool noodles all around, baby!

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