Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Want My Mullet Back (Not yet available on iTunes)

You've probably been asked what you would grab besides your family if your home caught fire. This is one of the things I would grab. It's one of those things I don't ever want to lose because it makes me smile & it perfectly captures the essence of who Wyatt is. He wrote it in the 3rd grade around age 8 at the height of his Weird Al obsession. (I guess it was before he had an official "Rap Notebook".) I'm glad he did it at home because I'm confident his 3rd grade teacher would have tossed it. I don't really expect any of my kids to take a traditional path in life, which mystifies some of our relatives, but in my house, "creativity & happiness" trump perfection. I may not be right, but only time will tell. It's worked pretty well so far for my dad and me.

And now for the translation, since legible handwriting has never been Wyatt's forte':

I want my mullet back!
Too bad I'm gettin' fat! I'll just use my Cardinals hat!
Oh, I forgot that I'm the "King of Cellulite"! (ok, that line could use some work, originally he spelled it cellulat!)

What could I wear?
Prada, Juicy Couture? (sister's influence is obvious)
How about what Jimmy Buffet wore on tour?

I could wear a trendsetter hat!
No, that's lame. I can't decide.
What a shame!

It's like it's right beside meeeee.
I need to fleeeee!
I know what it is --- Gucciiiiii!

Now what kind of music do I need?
Bow-wow? Fergie? Yuck!
I guess I'm having no luck!
The Dixie Chicks? Too girly!
I'll find someone, surely!
Not Bon Jovi or Buddy Holly...

I need to find him quick!
Who should I pick?
How about Weird Al Yankovic?

Yes, that's it!

Written by: Wyatt Buttry

I really do adore my three.

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