Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over....

I was fortunate, as a child, to be surrounded by adults who were pretty good at pointing out that I had a lot to be thankful for. They weren't annoying or pushy about it, like I am with my kids, but they managed to get that point across. My grandma used to tell me, rather ironically, that my cup runneth over, as she would always be quick to point out that hers was "always upside down". So when I get caught up in thinking of things that I want, I like to sometimes pause & think of all that I have. One of my favorite bloggers, Karen Walrond, of Chookooloonks listed 100 things she was thankful for & I thought it seemed like a cool challenge to take on, so I did it too.

100 Things I Have To Be Thankful For:

(no particular order!)

1. Chuck, Ryder, Wyatt & Brooks

2. Baseball - doesn't matter if Brooks is playing or Pujols is playing, I love the game!

3. Chuck's ability to make me laugh in almost any situation.

4. My clients - every year you guys just get better & better!

5. My Canon 5D

6. Highway 30-A - complete paradise on the gulf coast of Florida

7. My neighbors - one of many reasons we're still on Waverly. They're the best.

8. Sonic Happy Hour

9. My mom's "positive-to-a-fault" spirit

10. Apple - for giving me my iMac & iPhone

11. Ryder's quick wit - though it can get her in trouble!

12. My parents, for never telling me I "couldn't" do something.

13. Bill Bryson, Dave Barry, George Carlin, Chris Rock & Ellen....(I guess that's actually 5 things!)

14. Wyatt's teacher - for having a way with my son that just kicks ass - she "gets" him

15. BC Power

16. My Sauconys

17. Don't laugh. The Prizm & all it represents to me. Simplicity & not keeping up with the Joneses.

18. My Suburban. Shut your ______ mouth if you don't like it. With three kids & a business to run, it's a lifesaver. You can criticize me when you're living off the land & riding a bicycle to your job.

19. Fried cheese

20. Dr. G & Mystery Diagnosis - for giving me a whole new list of things to worry that I might die of....

21. Humor in all forms - it can get me through anything

22. Gladware - seriously, what did our forefathers use?

23. ALL of my photos - and that is 1000's upon 1000's.

24. Flickr - endless inspiration

25. Twitter & the nuts I follow - They make me smile many, many times each day.

26. All Free & Clear detergent - Without this you would constantly see me digging at my crotch so you should put it on your list and be thankful too.

27. Ryder's amazing taste & style, which did NOT come from me.

28. Fiji water - it's better than any other water & don't tell me it's not!

29. Wyatt's gentle nature

30. Pizza Hut - for seeing that we are fed when Chuck travels

31. Hugs from Brooks when I least expect them

32. Fried pickles - Kimberly Brown, you created a monster!

33. Downtown Little Rock - endless shooting locations & tons of inspiration

34. Coach Tim (soccer)

35. Facebook

36. Books - soooo many books & Little Rock's great library system

37. Amusement & water parks

38. 70's & 80's tv re-runs

39. Long johns from Faye's Bakery

40. The Sugar Shak in Rosemary Beach, FL

41. Vanilla pancakes from Great Southern in Seaside, FL

42. Magazines - at least the ones that are left!

43. Art fairs

44. Spaghetti & meatballs, preferably made by my dad's wife, Debbie

45. Red, my dad's dog

46. That someone saw a need for Photoshop!

47. Blogs that inspire

48. The Flying Fish restaurant

49. Martha - I'm thankful for her in many ways.....

50. Albert Pike Recreation Area

51. Brooks' athletic prowess, especially with a baseball!

52. Overgrown fields, bright walls, abandoned buildings

53. Wyatt's curly hair

54. Blue Gulf waters

55. My patio - I swear I'm using it more in 2010

56. Target!

57. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance - These folks are doing great things every day.

58. Tory Burch, Kate Spade & Trina Turk - creative geniuses

59. New journals to begin

60. Fairhope, AL

61. Nancy Drew mysteries

62. Ryder's indomitable spirit

63. My recipe collection - though I don't use it as often as I should

64. My daughter's wonderful circle of friends

65. Light - need it @ home and love it for work!

66. My collection of vintage Christmas ornaments

67. That people are willing to be soldiers, firefighters & policemen & risk their lives for me

68. My vintage restaurant postcard collection

69. REAL Christmas trees

70. Cupcakes

71. Olives

72. Bazzill orange peel textured cardstock

73. Pajama pants

74. My memory foam pillow

75. That I am lucky enough to not have to work full-time

76. Hot baths

77. My Tempur-Pedic mattress

78. My Dad, for having the courage & faith to let me make a lot of decisions myself. I didn't realize how much courage that took until I had my own kids!

79. Free movie bonuses @ Blockbuster, especially when you aren't expecting them

80. That I'm not shopping on Black Friday

81. The little 1950's ranch house that we call home

82. That Chuck has a flexible schedule & can help when I need him

83. Birthday cakes

84. True crime tv

85. Quilts - especially the one I always try to steal from my mother

86. Mare

87. Karl Rove - I just threw that one in there to make you cringe

88. Heroes like Captain Sullenberger, who renew our faith in mankind....

89. People like Dooce, who inspire others to be themselves & be REAL

90. That my kids are all very creative, in different ways.

91. That I've never had to face a real tragedy in my almost 40 years...

92. That Chuck has never lost his job (nor, for that matter, have I!)

93. Chances to re-connect with old friends....

94. All my thread, floss, canvas and needlework stuff. It's my sanity many days....

95. My neighborhood pool & the friends it's brought into my life.

96. My friend Janis, for showing me what true strength is.

97. Gulf breezes - I don't get to be near them as often as I would like but I love them when I do!

98. Entrepreneurs who change the world - and by this I'm referring to the mobile donut truck in Alys Beach, among other things!

99. Tony LaRussa

100. Simon Cowell - surely you didn't think I'd forget him.

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