Friday, June 19, 2009

What We've Been Up To....

This photo shows what we've spent most of our days doing! The pool is open & the Buttry's are present & accounted for! It's been so good to catch up with girlfriends, go to family night & most of all, have a place to cool off! I really want to put a salt water pool in the backyard (that will remain a distant dream, I'm afraid) but I do love our neighborhood pool...

Ryder spent her first week of summer in Paris & Barcelona. She made it home fine, but a bit jet-lagged, last Saturday. She had a great time but would like to go back when she can just shop. :)

Last weekend, Chuck's parents came for a short visit & we drove down to Glenwood, AR & floated the Caddo River. Ryder was still on her trip so we only had the boys. We had one canoe, his parents had the other & we let the boys alternate when we stopped at gravel bars. It was so much fun! Nice clear water and not too challenging. Wyatt even took a couple jump off the rope swing. I wish I had photos to post but I didn't even take a camera. We plan to do it again before summer is over so next time I will be prepared.

I've been reading quite a bit, one of my favorite summer pastimes. I love a good "fluff" mystery & I've been reading Edna Buchanan for my quick, entertaining reads. I first heard of her when I read her true crime books written about her career as a crime reporter for the Miami Herald. I really like her light-hearted style of writing & I've always really admired her as a person. I attempted to read Dear American Airlines & finally put it down because it was just not going anywhere for me. Parts of it were funny, though not uproariously funny like reviews have stated, and the flashbacks to his father's life were really just distracting to me. I'm returning that one to the library. Right now I'm reading The Cellist of Sarajevo and I'm finding it to be quite engaging. It's the story of three people attempting to survive in war-torn Sarajevo & a cellist who plays music every day, seemingly without fear. I find the history of this region rather fascinating & although not a true story, I like how the book makes me feel, if that makes any sense. I have such a list of books I want to read that I could literally just sit in a chaise lounge and read non-stop the rest of the summer.

I've also been photographing quite a bit. I've had the joy of meeting new clients as well as the joy of photographing past clients that have grown up on me! Tonight I'm traveling to Searcy, AR to photograph 2 year-old twins that I have never met. Hope they warm up to me! I'm armed with bubbles and Sponge Bob balls to reward them if they're good!

I'm thinking I may have jumped the gun on re-entering the blog world but maybe I'm just expecting too much from each entry! Hope to get on the bandwagon with more regular posting, projects, photography tips, etc. Especially after our vacation....which, by the way, is two weeks from tomorrow!!

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